'' DOWN TOWN Home '' has been a synonym of outstanding quality and a symbol of comfort and softness for over 30 years now in the linen field with devoted customers and presence in more than 200 stores in Greece and in sellected stores globally.

Τhe raw materials used in our product lines include top quality cotton, silk, camel’s wool and sheep’s wool, ensuring that our products offer unparalleled softness to the touch.

In our constant effort to offer our customers brand new designs, twice per year we look globally for new ideas, designs, innovative modern materials and choose the ones that correspond best to modern trends and fashion .

We adopt them, color them, reshape them, twist them with a drop of modern zest creating exclusive new Down Town Home designs.

Our whole bed linen production is sewed in highly skilled and qualified tailoring factories in Greece that meet the high standards of quality that ''DOWN TOWN Home'' sets.

We invite you to experience and enjoy  the  unique, easy care, anti-peel, soft quality 100% cotton sateen bed linen.